Webinar #4: What to Do with the Rest of the Tree – June 10, 2020

Taking an urban log and producing some sort of lumber, boards or live edge slabs to create a value-added product is the glamorous side of urban wood utilization, but what do you do with the vast majority of wood that comes from urban trees that will not produce a sawn product?  Chipping is a common means of reducing urban wood to a product that is easily transported and have a wide variety of uses from boiler fuel, to a compost additive, to mulch.  However, there are other possibilities as well such as pulpwood and firewood.  There are also niche products that can be made such as tree cookies, walking sticks, spoons and a host of other craft items.  This webinar will have presentations on a wide range of products that have been produced from “non-log” trees and portions of trees throughout the country by UWN members.  Join the discussion and find out what the possibilities are.

Registration for this webinar will be available soon.

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