UWN Oregon Chapter Welcome!


The Urban Wood Network, Oregon Chapter (UWNO) has just launched! We look forward to working with and learning from you all! The steering committee for UWNO are:


Samantha WolfSamantha started working on urban wood utilization with Clackamas County and the State of Oregon in 2016. The Clackamas Forestry Product Cooperative Program studied the potential of urban wood as a source of income to offset municipal costs associated with maintaining an urban forest. In addition to urban wood research, Samantha is the President of Oregon Community Trees and Vice-President of Oregon Heritage Trees, programs that recognize the variety of ways community trees benefit Oregonians.


Margaret Miller Margaret works for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality as an Air Quality Planner and Forester working on an array of topics including smoke management, wildfire smoke response, and biomass utilization. Margaret became involved in urban wood utilization when she was working as a District Forester in SE Michigan following the infestation of Emerald Ash Borer to that area. Margaret led the efforts of establishing Michigan’s second Urbanwood Marketplace (located in Flint, MI) and is the co-author of the Urban Wood Toolkit. After relocating to Oregon, Margaret knew she wanted to get involved in Oregon’s urban wood utilization efforts.


Jon Pywell –  Jon owns Corvallis Arborist LLC, a private consulting company. He has worked for the City of New York as the Director of Forestry for Brooklyn and as the Urban Forester for the City of Corvallis, OR, during which time he created their urban lumber program. He was a member of the Clackamas County Urban Lumber Advisory Committee and a former PNW ISA Board Member. 


Scott Altenhoff Scott is an urban forester with the City of Eugene and currently serves as President of the Society of Municipal Arborists (SMA). Scott has a long-standing interest in promoting urban sustainability via trees and green infrastructure and believes that closing urban wood/green waste loops is a critical piece of the puzzle.    


Kristin RamstadKristin manages the Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program for the Oregon Department of Forestry and has been an ISA-certified arborist for over 30 years. She serves on the board of Oregon Community Trees, chairs the Oregon Heritage Tree Program, and served on the Clackamas County Urban Lumber Advisory Committee.  She believes that many cities will come to see urban wood utilization as integral to sustaining their urban forestry programs and wants to assist in the development of the Urban Wood Network in Oregon.



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