USRW Certified Wood Standards

Coming soon: The full Standards for Certification and Chain of Custody for Urban, Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods. For now, we have the following interim Appendixes from the Standards. * Note these appendixes are subject to change.

Appendix A
The Urban Lumber Drying Standard

According to the USRW Standards when Urban Wood is sold, it must be classified and declared under one of the following designations for full disclosure to the customer.

USRW Certified Woods Urban Lumber Grades & Definitions

These definitions were developed in an effort to maximize wood recovery and get as close as possible to zero waste. Traditional grading standards such as those of the National Hardwood Lumber Association, or any of the many softwood or hardwood grading standards may also be used for urban wood sales.

Sample Urban Tree Recycling Policy

This is a suggested template that may be utilized or edited based on your community’s needs. This suggested template has been endorsed by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Urban and Community Forestry Program.