Treasures in a Tree


It’s not often that a company manages to capture their business’s essence in its name alone, but Bill & Lori Hunt and their team at Treasures in a Tree does so effortlessly. In working with ethically sourced urban lumber from Urban Wood Network members, Treasures in a Tree show off the many different uses of this environmentally conscious practice. Having a very successful Etsy storefront despite being in business for less than a year, this company has managed to make their mark with one-of-a-kind designs and excellent customer service. Specializing in creating custom work with live edge slabs, Treasures in a Tree uses incredibly colored epoxy fills, wrought iron, and other metals to make fantastic creations that have made their name well known in their region in just a short time.

Within the artisanal urban wood market, there are certain commonalities that many companies have with each other. Urban wood tends to be oddly shaped and colored and comes from trees that are often damaged or have suffered from disease. Most woodworkers in this market are used to these aspects and enjoy them because of the brilliantly unique designs that come as a result. One way that Treasures in a Tree separates themselves from the pack is how they approach these shapes. Charcuterie boards, for example, are not uncommon urban wood products. Treasures in a Tree makes it their own with the addition of wrought iron handles and in sizes upwards of four feet in length, which gives them an entirely new niche within a growing market.

Treasures in a Tree demonstrates the growth that can come with collaboration within the urban wood market. By working alongside UWN member California native Far West Forest Products to acquire many of their burls, they have been able to keep their production costs low while sustainably building their business and networking with others in the urban wood family. This kind of collaboration is at the soul of the urban wood movement and has benefited Treasures in a Tree with tremendous growth very quickly. 

One look at their Etsy store shows many five star reviews praising Lori and the craftsmanship of their products, even highlighting their meticulously safe packaging for delivery. Careful delivery is an important aspect when considering the cost of time, labor, and love that Lori, Bill, and their partner Kurt Roach place into every creation they make. With excellent customer service and fantastic reviews from their Etsy store, Treasures in a Tree is a company to watch as they grow in the coming years. 


To visit their Etsy store you can go to and see more beautiful creations.


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