September: Making the Most of Campus Resources – Trees First, Wood Next and Learning Along the Way
September 15th 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM CST

Michigan State University’s (MSU) urban wood utilization program engages urban forestry students, university staff, and local makers in using removed campus trees to produce urban wood products that are bought by customers from across the globe.  MSU students gain hands-on experiences while learning why trees are removed, how to process wood for maximum value, determining the best use of lumber, and how to market urban wood products.  Proceeds from sales help plant new trees throughout campus, completing the urban forestry cycle.  MSU’s commitment to effective urban forest management earned it recognition as a 2019 Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation.  Since 2008, the Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Campus Higher Education program has celebrated colleges and universities that establish and sustain healthy community forests and has grown to include eight campuses in Michigan and over 400 around the US.  Join the Urban Wood Network in a virtual tour of MSU’s program, learn how students are engaged through curriculum, and how Arbor Day Foundation programs can help your local campus.


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