Webinar #1: The Urban Wood Network: Future Visioning – March 11, 2020

The Urban Wood Network will present its vision to bring together urban wood industry members to inform, collaborate and connect to build community, business, and consumer confidence in the industry.  Don Peterson, Executive Director of the Urban Wood Network will share recently established local, regional and national partnerships, membership benefits, and upcoming educational opportunities for both members and non-members.  Jennifer Alger will provide a brief update on the new partnership between the Urban Wood Network and Urban Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods.  Paul Morrison will share how the urban wood industry has evolved over the past 20 years; starting with the slow growth of scattered individuals to the current and rapidly growing trajectory that we are now witnessing. Paul believes that these individual businesses must each define what makes them unique while also recognizing that the partnerships and potential of networking within an organization of like-minded businesses benefit each individual business and further ensures our collective future.

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