Sutter Mountain Woodworks is a business built not only on tradition but good practical sensibilities. They are based in the Sacramento Valley, at the foot of the Sutter Buttes, from which they derive their name. Being based in beautiful northern California gives them access to the incredible views the state is known for, though it also means seeing their natural forests devastated by wildfires, insect infestations, and diseases. In addition to drought, these diseases and invasions are a powder keg for the 3,600 wildfires that destroy over 150,000 acres of California forests annually. The dead, dry wood creates tinder for fires to spread.



Above all, Sutter Mountain Woodworks’ mission is to help California’s trees get used to their fullest potential. They do not use wood harvested through mass logging; they only use urban, reclaimed or sustainably harvested wood from local lumber yards to make their high-quality products. Sutter Mountain Woodworks sees the beauty in the unusual and recognizes these trees’ uniqueness, like pine trees affected by the fungal spores of the western pine beetle, which take on a mesmerizing blue tint. The tree may have died due to these insects, but they are not ignored, and they are certainly not forgotten.

In addition to their dedication to environmentally conscious practices, owner Mick Pettengill is always willing and excited to try new ideas and work with new techniques or materials. As seen on the company’s Instagram, Mick experiments with concepts like Shou Sugi Ban, a method of treating the wood by charring its surface to render it a deep charcoal-black color. This desire to experiment with different ideas and blend rustic and modern together sets Sutter Mountain Woodworks apart from other companies working in the same space. 

With a wide variety of products available through their website, Sutter Mountain Woodworks embodies their belief in the importance of creating one-of-a-kind furniture for their customers while maintaining sustainable wood reclamation and harvesting practices. As a 100% veteran-owned business, the military value of service is ever-present in their actions. Whether working with a customer or a collaborator, Sutter Mountain Woodworks wants to make every person they interact with feel like a part of their family.

This passion and drive to always work with their customers and ensure they are satisfied with their purchases has not gone unnoticed. Whether located down the street in their native California or halfway across the country in Texas, Mick and his family at Sutter Mountain Woodworks will always ensure that their customers are getting the absolute best in urban wood design.

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