Arizona is not a state known for forests and urban lumber, but Charles Chavez and his family at Sonora Woodworks are dedicated to turning that around. 

When Sonora Woodworks bought their first sawmill, they became instantly hooked on the process. As they used the mill on local trees, Charles and his family discovered patterns and designs in Arizona’s native desert trees that are nearly impossible to find in hardwood stores. Realizing this, they started spreading the word to consumers that Sonora Woodworks was able to make them something unique and wonderful using trees that were windfallen, taken down for safety concerns, or would otherwise have ended up being firewood or hauled to the landfill.

In addition to saving and giving their unique desert trees a second life,  Sonora Woodworks also offers its customers several services such as custom cutting, furniture design, and of course, sawmill services.

Picking up wood from different wood waste stream points, Sonora Woodworks is able to keep in stock Mesquite, Cottonwood, Salt Cedar, Ironwood, Palo Verde, Pine, and also various species of Eucalyptus. Quite the selection! 


In addition to their efforts to save trees on their own, if a customer has a log that they wish to preserve from the landfill, they need only send Charles and his family a message. They are happy to make unique pieces of lumber from it to their customers’ specifications, or if there are no specific cuts already in mind, they will decide how best to cut it themselves with their years of expertise. Between this and their custom furniture services to order, Sonora Woodworks is the place to get high quality and unique desert wood with eco-friendly business practices.

Sonora Woodworks is located “out in the boonies,” as Charles likes to refer to it, but it is well worth the trip. From one look at their website or Instagram, it is immediately apparent that Charles and his family put love and care into every step of the process, and they are only picking up steam as time goes on.



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