Urban Wood Network Member Randy and Julian Gaul not only create wood-based furniture, art, and lighting with the mindset of “using art and creativity towards a more equitable and regenerative way of life,” but they’re also firm believers in “conservation, community building, and global environmental awareness.”  You can see why Halocline Studio is such a good fit with the Urban Wood Network!

Randy Gaul founded Halocline Studio in 2017 after 35 years spent within the creative and free-thinking world of art, filmmaking, and design and now spends his time dedicated to giving discarded items a second life while sharing his expertise.

The second half of the Halocline Team, Julian Gaul, lends his hand to the woodworking side of the studio and prides himself on creating pieces that help his clients connect to their living and working spaces.

Not limited by indoor designs, Halocline Studio lends their creative prowess to outdoor living spaces as well. From custom wooden gate entries to benches that evoke reflection on the trees that they were sourced from, Randy and Julian truly know how to customize a space in a way that blends high-end design and nature in a seamless way. Of course, their indoor pieces are an entirely different form of art that elevates even the simplest of spaces.

If you’re like us, you may be wondering where the name Halocline comes from. We’ll let the guys sum it up best…

“Why ‘Halocline’? Halocline refers to an oceanic process when saltwater and freshwater intermix. It’s beautifully organic interaction and deeply inspirational.”

Halocline Studios, we couldn’t agree more.

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