The following are members of our network that can help you design and build your project from Urban, Salvaged, and Reclaimed woods. These companies may also work with woods that do not bear our logo or brand, so be sure to confirm that the product you are buying meets these standards. These companies are not employees of Urban, Salvaged, and Reclaimed Woods Inc. but are individuals or companies who are committed to ensuring that as many urban trees as possible find a second life as urban lumber and don’t end up in the landfill or chipper. If you have questions about their pricing, availability, references, or other, please contact them directly.  Many of these Woodworkers and designers have finished products made from urban salvaged, or reclaimed woods in stock and on the shelf as well.  Anything from large pieces of furniture to small wooden items that are great for gifts.

These designers and woodworkers can help you select the perfect piece of wood for your new desk, dining table, conference table for your office, or other woodworking project that also has a beautiful backstory as members of the network can usually tell you detailed information about the history of the piece of wood that you are going to select.