The following list of milling companies or sawmills are members of our Urban, Salvaged, and Reclaimed Woods Network that have portable or stationary sawmills and experience to custom cut your logs.

These milling companies or services are not employees of Urban, Salvaged, and Reclaimed Woods Inc. but are individual contractors who are committed to ensuring that as many urban trees as possible find a second life as urban lumber and don’t end up in the landfill or chipper. If you have questions about their pricing, availability, insurance, references, or other, please contact them directly.

Please note that sometimes it may make more sense to hire a mobile sawyer to come directly to your location and mill your logs onsite rather than hauling the logs and then milling them offsite. Sometimes the [sawmill service] you are selecting also has log hauling services and this may make it more economical by using the same company for both services.

Click on the member links below to select the urban or salvaged milling service.