October:  The Urban Wood Movement: Expanding from Coast to Coast
The UWN is partnering with the International Woodworking Fair to present a free educational webinar. The Urban Wood Movement: Expanding from Coast to Coast will be available for viewing through IWFConnect October 26th – 30th.

The urban wood movement continues to grow as more and more companies throughout the United States and Canada join in the effort to convert felled municipal trees into lumber, furniture, cabinets and other value-added wood products. Much has happened since IWF hosted the first urban wood seminar in 2016 and again in 2018. The Urban Wood Network (UWN) has emerged as a national association for companies spanning the supply chain including arborists, sawyers, woodworkers and other stakeholders. In addition to its U.S. base, UWN members are located in Canada and other countries. The UWN is dedicated to advancing the expansion of the urban wood movement. This includes working to develop local networks and to provide information and guidance to its members in order to promote the highest use of urban wood. Join us for this unique free webinar to learn how your company can benefit by joining the urban wood movement. Hear from a panel of experts and get answers to your questions about how to start or grow sales related to urban wood products.

Moderator: Rich Christianson, Editor & Publisher, Illinois Urban Wood



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