“What is our place in the natural world?”

This is a question that longtime resident of Madison, WI Aaron Laux asks with each and every piece of artwork that he creates. His creations themselves are formed from reclaimed materials, and he breathes life into his art by leaning heavily into natural shapes and forms that echo the materials they are born from. He blends natural colors and curved lines in ways that are evocative of nature, yet are built to be displayed indoors. In doing this, he allows the viewer to feel that connection to the earth that we often lose sight of by adhering to the indoor restrictions that modern life places upon us.

This philosophy of art being a soulful expression of how he feels about life shows the direction that Aaron has maintained from his beginning. His training was done over the course of a ten-year apprenticeship with artist Steven Spiro, which helped develop the techniques that continue to serve him. Throughout his life and journey as an artist, Aaron has maintained his clear vision of fusing art and design to help build more livable public spaces.

Humans feel better and healthier when connected to nature, and Aaron’s artwork is a perfect example of that. Much of his work is created by commission, and he works closely with each and every person as he always wishes to incorporate the local wilderness of the region of his clients into the commission. His piece “Twins” commissioned by Essentia Health is a great reflection of that, as he worked with the shapes and colors of local white pine trees to create a breathtaking design for their lobby. Aaron’s sculptures, in particular, are at their most thrilling when viewed in person or through video, as many of them are quite large. This is most evident with his  “Treehouse Staircase” that was constructed for a client over the span of two years, connecting the upper and lower floors of his house with a seamless and incredibly natural-looking structure that is the perfect blend of form and function. 

As an artist, Aaron lets his work speak for him, and it speaks in the same way as the wild it is modeled after and constructed from. Bringing peace and comfort in many of his creations, he shares his belief that ethical materials and practices blended with expert technique and design can evoke passion from all of us, and share in the principles that the Urban Lumber Movement believes in. 

To see more of Aaron’s incredible art:

Website: https://www.aaronlauxdesign.com/ 

Phone: 608-333-6159.



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