The first thing on the website for Modern Day Wood of Temecula, California, is the phrase “Brightening homes with unique, sustainable products with one fallen tree at a time.” This text perfectly captures the company’s essence, with its wide variety of brightly colored coasters, tables, and charcuterie boards. Modern Day Wood is owned by Lori Kendrick, with Whitney Kendrick acting as the SEO and website brains. Lori, the maker brings masculine and feminine styles together using urban reclaimed wood, metal, and epoxy. Her work showcases her incredible talent and eye for unique designs with many pieces featuring fantastic live edge techniques.

Modern Day Wood’s process is based on providing world-class value, engineering, and bringing their customers’ visions to life. They have a team that sketches the ideas that their customers provide them and then create a digital render so that the team can make modifications before cutting. The customer is the priority from the start of the journey to the end.

This company offers quality constructions at competitive prices for their customers and set themselves apart by offering payment plans. They believe that everyone deserves beautiful handcrafted furniture without breaking the bank.

Modern Day Wood specializes in creating features for the everyday home. Some standouts are their shelves, shelving units, and kitchen and bathroom accessories such as bath trays and coasters constructed primarily out of urban salvaged lumber. 

With the urban wood marketplace growing every year and many companies sharing similar techniques or niches, it can be challenging to stand out. Modern Day Wood excels at showcasing their individuality in the way they utilize the epoxy. Blue colors are widespread with live edge furniture as they evoke the feeling of water and rivers, but Lori and her team go far beyond the typical options by including bright whites, stunning pinks, and rich shades of brown and black. On the Modern Day Wood Instagram, Lori talks about being inspired by the design of the projects themselves. In one post, she uses a coffee brown color of epoxy to convey the warmth of a fresh brew in the coasters that her team created for their customer.

Epoxy isn’t the only area in which Modern Day Wood showcases their eye for design, however. Their expertise in various materials has given them the freedom to create projects like an incredible brass inlaid table made out of salvaged walnut in a very modern design and display using a customer’s precious sea glass collection inside of a transparent epoxy center.

This willingness to experiment and push towards new ideas and techniques can set a company apart from the rest, and Lori, Whitney, and the team at Modern Day Wood are always pushing that boundary with every new piece that they create.

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Website: Modern Day Wood


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