Urban Wood Network West
Membership Agreement And Benefits Overview 2020

Member Benefits and Responsibilties

*Not all membership benefits apply to all members.
*Membership responsibilities are applicable to your membership type


  • Standardization of industry processes and access to the Standards for Certification and Custody for Urban Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods (USRW Certified Woods)
  • Industry updates
  • Reduced tree removal costs
  • Industry trust and brand recognition
  • Marketing opportunities and promotion of on the Urban Wood Network’s Social Media Channels, Newsletter, Blog, etc
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Membership in the Urban Wood Network Western Region and the associated member benefits
  • Training workshops and webinars
  • Business development assistance
  • Expert advice from industry leaders
  • Public promotion of your business and membership to USRW Certified Woods

Member Categories

Log Supplier: A member who owns logs that could be available to other members such as a landowner, city, municipality, or other log owner

Arborist / Tree Service: Select this category ONLY is you want to be listed as an arborist or a tree service. *Note that some arborists are not for hire – if that is true for you, you do not want to select this category

Log Hauler: A member who is available for hire to other members for log hauling purposes. (Not applicable if you only haul for your own purposes)

Sawmill: A member who wants to be listed as a sawmill service milling urban or salvaged logs for others (Not applicable if you only mill your own wood)

Kiln Service: A member who offers kiln drying services to others (Not applicable if you only dry your own wood)

Lumber / Wood Sales: A member who supplies urban lumber products including; boards, slabs, turning blocks, pen blanks, timbers, or other urban wood that has not yet been turned into its final finished product.

Design Professional: A member who is available for any urban wood design services such as; designer, architect, or engineer

Maker / Builder: A member who is listed as a maker of finished urban wood products or structures such as a table, cutting board, or finished urban wood building.

Wood Reman: This is a wood producer who remanufactures wood products that have previously been milled into lumber

Advocate / Supporting Member / Consultant: A member who supplies support materials, supplies, equipment, or expertise to the urban wood world. OR if you are a big fan and supporter of the urban wood movement and love trees!


  • Maintain Proper Business Standards including proper licensing/certification for the services they provide and timely payment of applicable taxes and/or fees
  • Comply with all applicable industry standards as well as local, state, and national laws, regulations on tree removal, drying, and processing
  • Maintain any necessary licensing or certification
  • Pay annual member fees
  • Promote the Urban Wood Network’s mission, membership, and goals
  • Promote the highest and best utilization of removed Urban Trees
  • Utilize the UWN logo and promotional materials in compliance with the brand guide
  • Maintain current business information for urbanwoodnetwork.org
  • Support UWN events through promotion and/or attendance
  • Contribute stories for UWN media

2020 Membership Categories and Fees
(UWN Chapter membership includes UWN membership)

Urban Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods Inc.; DBA Urban Wood Network Western Chapter

IN ADDITION TO ACCEPTING THE ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND BENEFITS DESCRIBED HEREIN, UWN WESTERN CHAPTER MEMBERS AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING: This Agreement serves as an outline of roles, responsibilities and benefits through December 31, 2020.Urban Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods Inc. DBA Urban Wood Network Western Chapter is a chapter member of The Urban Wood Network (UWN) which is a network of independent businesses, organizations, municipalities and advocates who utilize urban wood to its maximum potential. 

. Membership fees are determined by the UWN Steering Committee and are due by March 25th Coordination with other Urban Forestry As a network, UWN drives utilization of urban forest resources to create the highest value forest products in an effort to maximize the value of trees removed due to pests, disease or circumstance. UWN builds awareness of the urban wood market by bringing together urban wood efforts, providing leadership and assistance, and by facilitating information sharing. UWN seeks to build a common understanding, language, commitment, and brand for the urban wood marketplace.  

UWN defines urban wood as any wood that was not harvested for its timber value and was diverted or removed from the waste-stream and developed or redeveloped into a product. Urban wood can come from 3 sources: Deconstruction, Fresh cut urban trees, and Urban Salvaged Wood. Any question about qualifying wood sources should be brought to the administrator. Please note: The partner business may also continue to work with traditionally logged timber; however, these products must be kept separate from urban products and do not carry the UWN logo.

Annual membership is for January 1st through December 31st


Meeting planning and participation

Record keeping

Public relations

Website management 

Communications and media development

Represent Western Chapter on UWN Steering Committee

Promotion of UWN members on social media


Facilitation of UWN organization

Network support 

Membership development

Financial management

Coordination with other Urban Forestry 


Meeting planning and participation

Record keeping

Public relations

Website management 

Communications and media development

Represent Western Chapter on UWN Steering Committee

Promotion of UWN members on social media

Key Tenets to the Urban Wood Network Membership


Urban trees have their highest value while living. When these trees need to be removed, they should be put to their highest and best uses to maximize their economic, environmental, and societal benefits for people in urban areas and beyond.


Sustainable recovery and the highest and best use of urban forest products are essential components of sustainable urban Sourcing.


Increased end user demand for urban forest products is essential to increasing demand and producing benefits throughout the urban forest sector.


The Urban Wood Network will effectively achieve its mission through collaboration and partnership.


The Urban Wood Network is committed to work in partnership with the full diversity of stakeholders that share our vision and goals.