With a company slogan that states, “Furniture Mother Nature would be proud to own”, you walk into Tamalpais Natureworks with a certain sense of anticipation as to what the woodworker and designer has in store for you. You won’t be disappointed.

From the Alpine Redwood Table made from salvaged old-growth redwood to the massive four-poster bed frame made from Poplar and Douglas Fir, you’ll find yourself wanting to know more about this company and the work that they do.

The Marin Designer’s Showcase certainly did and featured Tamalpais in its 1999 showcase. While it is a high honor to be featured during this San Francisco tradition, for Bill Callahan, the artist behind the design, the higher honor was to be a part of helping the organization raise over $17 million dollars that directly benefited the San Francisco University High School financial aid program, a program that gives students the opportunity for a college preparatory education.  

Of course, Tamalpais’s work in the community and to the benefit of children throughout the world didn’t end at the showcase. As they state on their website-

“Every day we burn and bury an immense volume of wood in our communities and around our world, destroying it’s natural (healthy) potential, hastening the release of its embodied (sequestered carbon) greenhouse gases, back into our atmosphere. On the flip side is our continued consumption of products made of wood from dying great forests from around the world. We believe continuing to do these things is irresponsible! We hope you agree with us so we can put a STOP to these wasteful, unsustainable (unhealthy) and unjust living practices.” – Tamalpais NatureWorks

To this end, Tamalpais strives to educate and warn of the dangers posed to our children and other future generations if we continue to burn and bury organic (carbon) solid waste. Instead of producing such waste, they ask their communities and neighbors to “Join us in our effort to empower people and communities everywhere to put an end to burying and burning natural resources, like wood, especially. Help us promote sustainable and just living products and practices the world over, giving our children hope for a healthy and just future.”

One of the ways in which they do this is by offering BYO Kits through their sister company, Everlast Joinery. Everlast Joinery’s mission is to “empower everyday people to build, craft, and design their own lifelong furniture.” 

Whether you’re looking to spread sustainability awareness by hosting a BYO party of your own using one of Everlast Joinery’s kits, or would like to learn more about Tamalpais NatureWorks, contact Bill Callahan at the link below.

Get involved and contact Bill Callahan and Tamalpais NatureWorks


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