Every so often, you come across someone who is committed to making a change, a real change. Today, that person is Cody Harrison, and more broadly, his company Corona Enterprises. Founded in 2010, Corona is a regenerative design and implementation consultancy that is staffed by subcontractors from all over the world with the stated goal of regenerating our planet’s ecosystems and providing for the basic needs of life on this planet. Working less like a corporation and more along the lines of a co-operative, Corona’s dedication to implementing environmentally conscious changes around the world (but primarily located in California currently) has led them into projects like sustainable housing, wastewater treatment, and energy.

As a company that casts such a wide net, Corona has many projects that they are actively looking to partner with those looking to make a change in the world. In Founder Cody Harrison’s words, they aim to create “an economic system that works for all life on Earth”. In line with that, they currently manage a grant initiative to divert end-of-life trees away from landfills and toward local lumber production. Currently, Corona has turned its attention to solar technology and creating further clean energy from the sun’s rays centered in San Diego. This is accomplished by utilizing technological advances such as the rapidly and cheaply deployable solar system “Maverick” from 5B, or VizN Energy’s alternate battery architecture that uses less toxic materials and more abundant raw materials like zinc and carbon.

Ultimately, Corona Enterprises is a company that wants to make a genuine change in the world. On their website, they have a tremendous amount of reading material to help educate on the sustainable practices that can be done by both individuals and businesses, check them out!


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