April Member Highlight: NorCal Sawyer

After retiring from his job as a Sacramento Fire Captain in 2015, Jason Cornell of NorCal Sawyer took up woodworking as a hobby. Cornell’s new craft fed his appreciation of the usefulness and beauty of trees beyond their natural lifecycle. Cornell recognized the potential of logs that would otherwise be reduced to firewood. In search of a sustainable source of materials for his projects, he began repurposing fallen trees and recycling lumber using his portable Wood-Mizer sawmill for friends and family.

In 2016, Cornell assisted in milling the building materials for “The Temple” at the annual Burning Man festival. “The Temple” is an art installation constructed of salvaged wood which is ceremoniously burned as part of the weeklong festivities. It was during this project that Cornell recognized the need for a mobile sawmilling service in his community that would allow property owners to repurpose fallen trees rather than send them to the landfill. He founded NorCal Sawyer over two years ago to provide a sustainable solution and prevent the unnecessary waste of valuable resources. NorCal Sawyer provides mobile sawmilling services on-site to clients who wish to repurpose trees from their property. By providing this mobile service, NorCal Sawyer eliminates the need to haul trees away to a distant mill and gives clients complete oversight of their project.

NorCal Sawyer is a proud member of the Urban, Salvaged & Reclaimed Woods network. In partnership with the network, NorCal Sawyer is dedicated to rescuing trees and finding new uses for them after their natural life has ended.

A great example of NorCal Sawyer living out his mission happened while he was milling downed trees lost in the Paradise, CA fire. The wood he salvaged was then used to help rebuild homes for the property owners in the area. For a client who has lost their home in a devastating fire, being able to rebuild with materials sourced from their original property can be especially meaningful.

Stories like these show how incredible our members are and we continue to be so appreciative of everything they do to further the Urban Lumber Movement.


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