USRW Certified Urban Wood Store Grand Opening


An unwelcome windstorm caused several historic urban trees to come down in California’s “Capitol Park’s Civil War Memorial Grove in Sacramento. This grove was established in 1897 to commemorate those who fought in the Civil War. Among the fallen trees were a box elder from Missionary Ridge, Tennessee, and a tulip tree from Five Forks, Virginia. Coming to California from the site of Southern battlefields as mere saplings. 
California assemblyman Ken Cooley did not want these priceless trees that held so much history to just get thrown in a wood chipper stating that the urban trees are, “…a reminder that we had paid a great price to preserve our nation as one nation, not divided”. Ultimately orchestrating the historic trees’ rescue, finding a way to preserve their history by getting them to Urban Wood Network Partners, Far West Forest Products. Ensuring they went to their best and highest use and can live on. This urban wood will be eventually returned to the Capitol, perhaps as benches, or converted into wooden art objects for display, keeping the history behind them alive for many more years to come.
Come see a few of these slabs on display as Assemblyman Cooley tells more about this urban wood salvage at the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting of the USRW Certified Urban Wood Store at 11am on April 23rd 2022 at 1334 Melody Rd. Olivehurst CA.


Jim Evans showing Assemblyman Cooley what he can get from the Capitol logs.

Jim Evans showing Assemblyman Cooley what he can get from the Capitol logs

Additionally, Assemblyman James Gallagher will also be welcoming this new USRW Certified Urban Wood store to the Yuba County area. Showing some amazing fiddle-back walnut that Far West was able to salvage from his family ranch in Rio Oso CA where he grew up. He’ll be speaking about the benefits of using our natural resource that is urban wood.
Did you know that most urban and community trees when they are removed now get burned, chipped, or go into the waste-stream? Turning these trees into lumber sequesters or stores the carbon in the wood helping our environment. Woodworkers and manufacturers using wood products will be able to find locally salvaged hardwoods from multiple small producers all in one location – and without the cost and carbon footprint associated with transporting these woods from the East Coast or overseas. Utilizing these woods also increases local job opportunities, a win for the environment and a win for our community.
Far West will manage the USRW Certified Urban Wood Store for Urban Wood Network Member producers and and makers. Here you will see and shop live edge slabs, artisan woods, turning blocks, and a wide selection of finished products. You’ll even start seeing some hands-on instructional classes offered.
Join us for a few words about our mission, food, shopping, sales, and a whole lot of fun!


What: Grand Opening/ Ribbon Cutting
When: April 23, 2022
Open 10am to 2pm

Ribbon Cutting & Prizes at 11am

Where: 1334 Melody Rd, Olivehurst, CA 95961


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