Get Involved

Whether it’s with your time or a donation, we love our volunteers! Contact us today to find out how you can become a part of the Urban Wood Network’s event team.


Your donation will help build awareness to salvaging and reclaiming urban trees that have ended their life cycle. Once the urban trees are done providing shade and beauty, they have an additional life and that life could be in urban lumber.

Salvaged urban trees continue to bring the highest value in the way of being recycled, by keeping intact its exquisite and unique look, maintaining its strength and durability, while being environmentally friendly.

Become a Sponsor

Please get in touch with us about our full range of sponsorship opportunities and find out how you can help change the world, one urban tree at a time.


Join our community as a volunteer at an educational event or tradeshow.

You will learn leadership and advocacy skills, network with community and business leaders, while raising awareness about the urban lumber industry.

Look at our  upcoming events to see where you’d like to volunteer, or  contact us for more information regarding volunteer opportunities.