There are few businesses in the world that have a moniker as fitting as Deadwood Revival Design. This group of passionate artisans believes not only in offering their customers the highest quality products but constructing them with 100% guilt-free wood. DRD wants to restore the connection between humans and nature by telling the unique story of each and every tree they work with. Every single piece of wood they come across, regardless of size, comes from a tree destined for firewood, the chipper, or the burn pile. DRD is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and they explicitly do not waste any material during their projects.

The Deadwood Revival Design team is composed of people that share a belief in the importance of sustainable lumber products. Co-founder Daniel Torres experienced the aftermath of forest wildfires while working as a firefighter for the Los Padres National Forest. His skills as a sawyer and his desire to breathe life back into these dead trees fuelled the foundation of DRD. With members of the team like Pepe Sanchez, an incredibly innovative designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Environmental Design from Cal-Poly, and Mitch McCormick, a former firefighter from Monterey with a gifted mind for technical cutting and joinery techniques, DRD is filled with talented and environmentally conscious craftspeople.

With a team so equally adept at working with wood and metal, it’s no wonder that they have produced some of the finest design work on California’s central coast. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial commission from them, sawmilling, or even just lumber for your own projects, Deadwood Revival Design has the ability to help.

Take a look at their website to see examples of their work, and reach out to them by phone at 805-704-2828 to begin your sustainably sourced project today.


Instagram: @deadwoodrevivaldesign

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