With what started as a passion for forestry, chainsaws and tree cutting, Danny Torres turned these sawyer skills into his business, Deadwood Revival Design. Based out of San Luis Obispo, CA, Deadwood Revival is a wood and steel fabrication outfit. One day, while talking with a friend, Danny listened as his buddy told him all about his new mill and how he had planned to use while learning how to cut. After hearing him continue to talk about how he was going to use the mill to start his own woodworking business, Danny was sold. Right there he committed to buying his own mill, even though he didn’t yet have any experience other than as a sawyer!

One of the motivating factors behind Danny’s passion was the devastation that he saw while working as a forest firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service. After putting out several forest fires, Danny has seen firsthand the problems that we’re facing with National Forestry in America. Seeing the waste from these disasters, diseases, and also noting the vast amounts of lumber that were being incredibly under-used, Danny sought to make a change. 


Danny was introduced to his current partner Pepe (steel fabricator), and they snagged their first project by way of Pepe’s former architecture school professor. After the professor gave them the recommendation, they put in their bid for designs at a coffee shop called Contraband. They won the bid, and Deadwood Revival continued to grow.


Danny and Pepe are looking to dive deeper into the marketing world and grow beyond word-of-mouth. Deadwood is constantly trying to grow their social media presence through Instagram and their website. Currently, they also take photos of every step of the process and share it with their customers to create a fully-involved experience. Their philosophy is that if the customer is bringing nature inside their home, they deserve to be a part of the process outside of the home.

Instagram: @deadwoodrevival

Website: http://deadwoodrevivaldesign.com/


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