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Standards for Certification and Chain of Custody for Urban, Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods

Standards for Certification and Chain of Custody for Urban, Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods Urban wood professionals have been talking for years about setting Standards for all of North America for Urban Lumber so that we’re all on the same page with processes and nomenclature.  We’ve discussed certification, and even considered and made efforts towards having…

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Urban Wood Cover

Urban Wood – Featuring: The Emerging Economy of Urban Wood

Every year in our cities and towns, thousands upon thousands of trees and the billions of board feet they contain are thrown away as garbage. What isn’t dumped in landfills is buried on construction sites, ground up for mulch, or cut for firewood.

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The Lifecycle of an Urban Tree

When you need a tree removed from your property select a tree service or arborist who works closely with a sawmill owner to ensure that your trees are put to their highest use.

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Sacramento’s Java City Camphor Lives On

In 1886, 9 year old George H.P. Lichthardt planted a camphor tree on the corner of what is now 18th and Capitol Ave in Midtown Sacramento.

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Salvaging Urban Timber in the Far West

“We know there is still a lot of wood being wasted, what can we do to change that?” Through my role with Wood-Mizer, I have organized and assisted with many urban forestry initiatives, conferences, and seminars to try and find a solution to this waste.

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