Who doesn’t love the idea of custom-built and private space, just for them? Whether you’re an artist, a woodworker, a writer, or work from home and need a place for those Zoom meetings, A Place to Grow’s mission is to build the perfect space for you while using reclaimed, re-purposed, and salvaged materials!

After seeing the insanely creative and sustainably built she-sheds, offices, meditation spaces, greenhouses, workshops, and more that have come from A Place to Grow, we knew they needed to be our next featured Urban Wood Network Member. Calling their work “Functional Art”, A Place to Grow has been featured on Oprah.com, TODAY, Houzz, Living Lavishly, and most recently, on the cover of Erika Kotite’s newest book, “She Sheds, A Room of Your Own” for their designs that are not only creative and beautiful but also functional.

While they provide a selection of “currently available” spaces, they pride themselves in offering each client a completely custom space. Beyond the design specs and plans, customers can also choose their own materials – from a wide variety of urban salvaged materials to French Oak Wood salvaged from wine barrels.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the enormously talented owners behind A Place to Grow – Dana and Sean O’Brien. Dana’s concept for the business came to her while she was in the process of building a green living space and garden for her children to play in. As she worked on this project, she realized that there was a genuine need for similar spaces. Utilizing her years of experience as a county assessor, her natural talent, and her innate and amazing creative side, Dana started A Place to Grow with her husband, Sean O’Brien.

Sean’s offerings to the business include his California Contractor’s License, several years of experience in construction, and a talent for creating one of a kind buildings. Dana and Sean also have degrees from Cal Poly in Finance and Computer Science that have helped them throughout the growth of their business. In addition to A Place to Grow, Dana and Sean also own Pacific Coast Lumber, bringing their mission of using urban forested materials and sustainable building practices full circle.

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