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The first thing on the website for Modern Day Wood of Temecula, California, is the phrase “Brightening homes with unique, sustainable products with one fallen tree at a time.” This text perfectly captures the company’s essence, with its wide variety of brightly colored coasters, tables, and […]
There are few businesses in the world that have a moniker as fitting as Deadwood Revival Design. This group of passionate artisans believes not only in offering their customers the highest quality products but constructing them with 100% guilt-free wood. DRD wants to restore the connection […]
Arizona is not a state known for forests and urban lumber, but Charles Chavez and his family at Sonora Woodworks are dedicated to turning that around.  When Sonora Woodworks bought their first sawmill, they became instantly hooked on the process. As they used the mill on […]
Every so often, you come across someone who is committed to making a change, a real change. Today, that person is Cody Harrison, and more broadly, his company Corona Enterprises. Founded in 2010, Corona is a regenerative design and implementation consultancy that is staffed by subcontractors […]
“What is our place in the natural world?” This is a question that longtime resident of Madison, WI Aaron Laux asks with each and every piece of artwork that he creates. His creations themselves are formed from reclaimed materials, and he breathes life into his art […]
Urban Wood Network Member Randy and Julian Gaul not only create wood-based furniture, art, and lighting with the mindset of “using art and creativity towards a more equitable and regenerative way of life,” but they’re also firm believers in “conservation, community building, and global environmental awareness.”  […]
With a company slogan that states, “Furniture Mother Nature would be proud to own”, you walk into Tamalpais Natureworks with a certain sense of anticipation as to what the woodworker and designer has in store for you. You won’t be disappointed. From the Alpine Redwood Table […]
When a sweet black lab named Josie is the first to greet you as you walk into The Good Wood Guys’s shop, you realize that you’re not in an average wood store.  Then, when you check out the roster of classes teaching sustainable sawmilling and the […]
In the world of furniture designers dedicated to using sustainable resources in their one-of-a-kind creations, Allan Parachini certainly delivers. A resident of Kaua‘i since 2012, Allan’s career began as a reporter, where he worked for 26 years before moving on to work in public relations for […]