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A Network of Sawyers, Arborists, Furniture Makers, Woodworkers, and Makers.

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Members share these benefits:

*Greater visibility and access to new customer groups and creations
*Use of the Urban Wood Network logo, marketing materials, and shared branding
*Recognition of urban wood products and businesses
*Networking opportunities with similar businesses and organizations
*Ongoing updates and incentives

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“What is our place in the natural world?” This is a question that longtime resident of Madison, WI Aaron Laux […]
Urban Wood Network   The Urban Wood Network (UWN) is a national association that works to inform, collaborate and connect to […]
October:  The Urban Wood Movement: Expanding from Coast to Coast The UWN is partnering with the International Woodworking Fair to […]
November:  National Urban Wood Academy 2020 November 20th  10:00 AM – 1:00 PM CST The UWN is partnering with the Arbor Day […]

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